A new collection further.

Outdoors is our world.

Nature is waking up. It’s calling us. It’s alluring us to explore. We are shedding layers of clothing. Just as we shed our old selves. We get to know ourselves better and better. The higher we climb, the more we trust ourselves. The further we go, the stronger we get.

Everything we experience outdoors makes us stronger.
Every move strengthens us.
We live more. Through hardships. In our
own way. No shortcuts,
no facilitation. It’s the only way
to ourselves. To be better today
than we were yesterday.

With the new collection for spring-summer 2022-2023, we can go our own way. Reach where we haven’t reached yet. Keep our style. Know. Who we are. What we want.

Hannah. Hannah. In motion since 1991.

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Where are you going to go?