Minimum logo size

Logotype – The basic Hannah logotype is based on the Trois Mille Bold font by Sharp Type, an American type foundry. Its dynamic character embodies the core values of the Hannah brand: power, dynamics and movement. The individual letters were modified for the purpose of the logotype to represent the character of the brand while respecting the technological specifics of the product manufacture.

Symbol – The graphics of the symbol is based on the basic logotype. The height of the vertical line of the letter ‘h’ is, however, graphically modified to guarantee it is sufficiently legible.

The symbol itself as a corporate logo is not used for marketing presentations. The symbol is primarily intended to mark the products in case the basic logotype cannot be used. It can also be used in online environment (alternative icons).

Trademark – The ® trademark is an integral part of the logotype. Using the logotype without the ® trademark is only possible in the cases specified by the dimensional series of the logotype.

A protection zone

Logo protection zone – The logo protection zone is defined by twice the width of the vertical line of the letter ‘h’. The purpose of the protection zone is to ensure a sufficient distance between the logotype and any

other graphic elements that could visually distort its uniqueness.

The protection zone is also used to set a minimum indentation of the logotype from the edge of a sheet, board or any other surface which it is applied to.